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The Hardt Lab – Salmonella Pathogenesis, Institute of Microbiology, ETH Zurich – (research Salmonella shedding from humans)

Salmonella Typhimurium diarrhea reveals basic principles of Enteropathogen Infection and disease-promoted DNA exchange: cell host & microbe –

Precursors like acetyl acid for liver metabolism evidence that creatures have needed fermentation as part of their diet for long enough to have evolved dependencies on it. Natural sources of fermentation: ruminant gut contents and rotten fruits, etc. Adding certain bacteria can result in sterilization of products under conditions of poor storage. Most grain products come with mycotoxins and mildews and pathogens in them, ready to feed on the sugars and starches the moment they are exposed to enough moisture or warmth. The only cost effective way to add a real safety measure is to either eliminate the starches/sugars, or to add these special bacteria.

L. monocytes is submissive to other bacteria.  Hpp does not kill it but the presence of other bacteria prevent its proliferation

Karen’s interests for sharing: FDA referenced documents that state the relationship of dry kibble and pathogen risk but urge consumers not to use raw, elaboration on studies referenced in first mercola article, no dogs got sick when fed raw meat that was intentionally contaminated with salmonella strains,

FDA commits to disclose retailer information for some food recalls:

Raw food trials with pets:!po=0.431034

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